Hildegard Knef: Liedtexte


This Girl’s In Love With You

Burt Bacharach / Hal David


You say this girl

This girl's in love with you

Yes I'm in love

Who looks at you

The way I do

When you smile

I can tell

We know each other

Very well

How can

I show you

I'm glad

I've got to know you

Cause I've heard some talk

They say you think

I'm fine

Yes I'm in love

And what I'll do

To make you mine

Tell me now

Is it so

Don't let me be

The last to know

My hands are shakin'

Don't let

My heart keep breakin'

Cause I need your love

I want your love

Say you're in love

In love with this girl

If not I'll just die



© Blue-Seas-Music Inc., Casa David / Melodie der Welt J. Michel KG Musikverlag

Erstveröffentlichung: LP knef concert, 11/1968 [live]

Studio-Version: LP Die großen Erfolge 2, 2/1969

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